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9 Points That Define True Love for Chinese Food Restaurant Franchise

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China may be an enemy to India but Chinese food is love for most of the Indians. Chinese food is actually an emotion in India.

No matter whether you are roaming across the northern part of India or you are somewhere at the Deep South, the aroma of the Chinese food restaurant franchise would always make your mouth drool.

It is love for Chinese food only that we have Indianized this food. This means the version of Chinese food restaurant franchise has a Desi Tadka in it.

We Indians are very good at modifications and nothing else than the modernized Chinese food can define this.

Of course, the authentic Chinese food restaurant franchise has its own taste but the Chinese food served in India is not less than that.

In fact, we Indians love the Indian version much.

Now, the question that comes here is that why India is in so much love with Chinese food. It is simply because of the taste and easy availability. Chinese food has taken Indian street food completely.

The streets or restaurant franchise of India serve the Chinese food items like noodles, momos, fried rice, spring rolls, so proudly that sometimes we even forget that these foods are not ours actually.

In the last two decades the market of Chinese food has grown so fast. The best part about Chinese food is that, it is not the choice of a particular age group. In fact, people of all ages have equal love for Chinese food items.

Chinese food has become a religion in India, saying this won’t be wrong, considering the love of Indians for this Asian Cuisine.

Well, I am dedicating this blog of mine for the Indianized Chinese food items. I am going to tell you the possible reasons that truly define the true love of Indians for Chinese foods.

9 Points That Define True Love of Indians for Chinese FoodsEasy Accessibility: The easy accessibility of Chinese food all over the country is definitely the biggest reason that supports the love of countrymen for this.

Whenever the topic of deciding on a place to eat comes up, the first thing on your mind is a Chinese food joint. Be it the authentic version or the Indianized version.

Comes with Great Taste: If you want to enhance your taste buds then go Chinese, this is what people believe in India.

The food is absolutely tasty and generally comes in good quantity – that’s what you and your friends strongly believe in. It always fits your pocket right and gives out full stomach schezwan burps.

Love of Decades: It has been a long introduction of Chinese food to India. We have our memories associated with the food that keeps us more intact with it.

As a young teenager, your first party with friends was a Chinese food party. More than pizza it was about Chinese food. And you know why because it is easily affordable.

Affordable: Affordability is another great reason why we Indians are much drifted to Chinese foods. We love everything that comes cheap and definitely Chinese food item comes with a low price tag.

Every time you hear wonderful news from your friends, you automatically think about a good Chinese restaurant for the party. It’s easily affordable and a sure way to have fun.

The Extra Masala Twist: We Indians are known worldwide for our spicy food habit and probably Chinese relate to it. Chinese food never leaves Indians disappointed especially when it comes to spices and twisted tastes.

Highly Aromatic: You pass through a Chinese restaurant and you get drifted towards that. All the credit to this goes to 9 Points That Define True Love of Indians for Chinese Foodsthe aroma of Chinese food that makes our mouth drool.

All the scents coming out of restaurants and food joints around your house tempt you to eat this cuisine.

If nothing else then Chinese bhel is a must-have.

The Best Serving Street Food: We Indians have the habit of eating at streets and Chinese food complements this habit of ours very well.

You simply love roadside Chinese food, though it looks unhygienic. But who cares, right?

More Challenges and More Food: People have challenged your true love for this cuisine and always claim that it’s not authentic.

You simply pop some lollipops and crispies in your mouth and not care a damn about what they say. The taste of Chinese you cannot resist and simply you crave for more.

Free Soups Give The Best Deal: When we are getting something for free, we want to grasp it all and this is what happens when you move towards a Chinese food stall.

Your favorite soup in the world is Hot n Sour. You kill for the fried noodles that are served with the soup. Not to forget, dip those fried noodles in Schezwan sauce and eat till your order arrives.

The Final Takeaway

There are numerous other reasons that define Indian love for Chinese foods. They are tasty, they are easy to cook, they are easily available and most importantly they are affordable.

All these reasons when come together give the perfect emotion for the Chinese food item. No matter, how much you have eaten before a plate of momos would always work.

You would somehow manage to get some space for the crispy fried rice. We cannot simply say no to Chinese food because it is emotion. Considering this only, we can find several Chinese food stalls and restaurants all around.

If you are really concerned about the health and in the meantime don’t want to compromise with taste then I would suggest you eat Chinese food in a restaurant franchise from a good place like The Chopstick Buddies.

They are known across the country for serving tasty and authentic Chinese food.

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